Simple Words

I’d like to show you my world

For you to see how I feel
And I hope that someday
Oh you understand, yes you understand

To change your point of view
Walk a mile in my shoes
And what will you do when it’s over?

So I hope that one day
You’ll meet me half way
With simple words we say
Our pain could be gone

I’m waiting… debating
Tryin’ ta find a way to get things through to you
So come on won’t you understand

I’m waiting… debating
Keep tryin’ ta find a way for us both to agree.. yeah
The one thing we can’t deny
Is that life has no guarantees

Help me to dry your eyes

With simple words we say our pain could be gone

With simple words our pain could be gone

There are two versions of this song for you to listen to. The original and the quite version are displayed below.

Music video by FINGERTIPS from album VENICE © 2010 Planeta Vermelho Internacional Music.

MUSIC by Rui Saraiva/Helder de Matos LYRICS by Virgilio Fino

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Joana Gomes · Rui Saraiva · Rodrigo Ribeiro

Helder de Matos (Synths and Programming) · S. Brohl (Drums)
Produced & Mixed by Rui Saraiva & Helder de Matos
Mastered by Mr. Loop
Recorded by Helder de Matos at Planeta Vermelho Studios

Original Drawings Inês Oliveira
Art Direction Nuno Foros

Manager Rogério Paulo Saraiva
Agency/Booking – Planeta Vermelho |

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