Virgilio Fino with Fingertips at Rock In Rio 2010
Picture: Backstage at the Rock In Rio Music Festival 2010 in Lisbon.

Fingertips is a Portuguese band I met in 2005. The band has a loyal fan base and has supported the likes of Nelly Furtado, Queen with Paul Rodgers, George Michael, and The Corrs and their songs top the radio playlists in Portugal. In the early days I assisted the band with the former vocalist correcting his lyrics and adding a few lines here and there to some of the songs on the “Catharsis” album.

In 2010 the Fingertips was joined by a new female singer and my collaboration increased as a songwriter and lyricist for the band an on the new album entitled “Venice” released in July 2011.

I have co-written the following songs…

From the album entitled “Venice”

On the single

And also on these tracks


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